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Award winning LiquidGUI Graphic has specialized in print & web design and development for nearly 2 decades. Websites, Marketing Collateral & more.

About LiquidGooey - Resume

My name is Erik Summers and I'm the founder of LiquidGooey Graphic. I've been developing web content for over 20 years and I thrive on not only meeting the clients needs, but exceeding their expectations. I work to always find new and innovative ways to utilize the latest web technologies.


EXPERIENCE: PHP/MySQL, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premier Pro, CSS, jQuery, Javascript and much more. I work in a PC environment and administer 2 co-located LAMP servers. I have a strong understanding of graphic resolution and the challenges faced when designing print, vs web. I thrive developing database schemas and designing interface layouts as well as multi-media design & delivery, be it live streaming or compiled.

HISTORY: I started from the ground up in 1998 with Windows Notepad & the book 'HTML in 24 hours'. Soon after, what started as a hobby quickly turned into a digital addiction.

Making attractive/static websites was fine in the late 1990's, but extracting and utilizing data brought a site to life and was what I wanted to be doing. I started doing small web jobs and built my own client billing system using CGI and a Flat File database (oophda, but remember it was late 90's). CGI was  cumbersome so I leaped into PHP, MySql, Flash and Photoshop.

AWARD #1: In early 2000's, while doing tech support at Quest Diagnostics, I was asked to be the primary web designer on their Dr/Patient platform 'Quest On Demand'. I worked with 8 programmers, and I was the sole designer. In 2002 that application won 1st place in an International Innovation Competition from IDC against 9 countries

AWARD #2: During all of this I was developing Facefinder.com, a free job portal for Actors, Models and Production Staff. Using PHP, MySql, HTML, Flash & Javascript, the site is now 10 years old and in dire need of a facelift, but the functionality is still kicking with thousands of members and 100's of thousands of jobs posted. Facefinder.com won a W3 award in 2006 and is where I developed FastCast and SmartCast, part of a data driven casting system. I also developed the Facefinder screensaver for PCs.. which dynamically pulls the currently featured and upcoming featured faces.

ALWAYS INNOVATING: in 2004 I discovered streaming video..both live and compiled. In only a few weeks I had developed my own live streaming system called BSpot.tv. It was with this technology, using a cellular phone and a laptop that I helped a non-profit organization stream live from the plains of North Dakota to numerous congressmen in Washington DC regarding the plight of the local Indian tribe.

I've spent the past several years doing both web and print marketing work. I welcome challenges and have recently developed a marketing system I call MarketLoop (php/Mysql/jQuery) which helps automate gorilla email marketing campaigns, and a DJ web app (php/MySql) that allows event attendees to scan a QR code and request songs from the event DJ.. on the spot. Both the DJ receives a text and the information is logged to a song request database.

SIMPLIFY: Over the years it's become clear that MOST people who want a website, want that site to be stylish and easy to update. Recently I developed a template that allows simple content updates, on the spot, from anywhere. Without the need of a web developer or complicated back office. With my templelate, users can edit their content simply by visiting their site and entering a password. This very site has easy-edit, on-the-fly capabilities, which are explained more in the short video below.

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